All branding agencies, strategists, designers and creatives consider empathetic connections to the subject matter, audiences and end requirement, among a myriad of things they are dealing with in the wide context of a project. Very occasionally there is a brief that requires much more careful consideration and sensitivity to the approach before creativity can begin.

Interstate was engaged last year by the Maudsley Centre for Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders to refresh their brand identity and there were a number of points to consider.

  • We were going to be dealing with an NHS service that provides help for young people…

Tradition Modernised – Capturing reference imagery at the Bahrain National Museum

In part 1 of this feature we discussed Interstate’s introduction to the region, global nature as an agency, the globalisation of the design industry and Western approaches to design.

Part 2 digs deeper into the regional context, contextualises some of the pitfalls of stereotypical design and offers advice to those aspiring to absorb and work with the rich culture of design in the Middle East.

Part 2: Design in practice & the future

Q Could you discuss the design industry, social and economic evolution in the time Interstate has been active in the region?

Ahmed: I can confidently say that we have a real design industry in Bahrain…

Bahrain International Circuit — Environmental Branding

In this two part Q&A series, we discuss creativity, business and design culture in the region with Interstate’s Creative Partner Nigel Gray and Regional Partner Ahmed Taleb.

Part 1 explores Interstate’s entry to Bahrain in 2003, the team’s reflections on the globalisation of design and the impact that has had on the region.

Part 1: Entering a region during a period of change

Q Setting up an agency is a difficult process — including nailing a blend between business and creativity. When tackling a whole new territory and culture, what did you learn from both creative and business points of view?

Nigel: Setting up an agency is difficult at the…

Extreme E, operating partner of Formula E, revealed an adventurous and impactful brand identity designed by Interstate Creative Partners today as the ground-breaking motor racing championship continues to take shape. Unlike any other concept which currently exists in sport, Extreme E will see electric SUVs race head-to-head in some of the world’s most remote and extreme environments. The series is set to revolutionise motorsport and entertainment as it showcases E-SUV innovation and performance, whilst raising awareness, inspiring action and highlighting the global threat of climate change.

Extreme E’s competitors will battle across five formidable locations that have already been…

After serving in senior positions at tier 1 automotive technology suppliers Bosch and Magneti Marelli, most recently as Sales & Marketing Director of Magneti Marelli’s Motorsport division, Damien Dussurgey has joined Interstate Creative Partners as Head of Creative Technology and will lead a new business unit, Interstate i|O.

“In response to rising demand across numerous industry sectors, including those of our own key clients in the automotive and media sectors, the Interstate i|O offering will augment and enhance our existing digital and product design teams, ensuring we harness the creative mindset with an enterprising and knowledgable leadership team.

Bringing focussed…

When people talk to each other at work or outside, you sometimes hear in conversation: ‘I see,’ ‘I understand,’ ‘I hear what you’re saying.’ The truth is though most people, if they aren’t trained to react differently, will be thinking of their own answer before even hearing half of what the person is trying to say. There can be a real silent battle between people who want to respond and explain their opinion without taking the time to truly listen the speaker’s view.

True listening is rarely something we have been taught to do. It requires 100% of our attention…

Interstate was honoured to be appointed as the lead creative agency working on this year’s annual Charter of Gold ceremony of Bahrain which was held at the National Action Charter Monument and marked the 18th anniversary of the National Action Charter endorsement.

The ceremony represented HM King Hamad’s future-facing vision for building a modern Bahrain and awarded medals to Bahraini citizens who have attained landmark achievements around the world.

The event was an opportunity for Interstate to design the identity and develop corresponding digital content at a huge scale, on an international basis. …

As of November 2017, market research put a value to the global video games industry of $116 billion.

To put that in context, the industry dwarfs the global music industry ($17.4bn: 2017) and is beginning to rival the global sporting industry.
Not just in value but in frequency of interaction and engagement duration.
A shift in the consumption of mass media is at the forefront of many industry conversations, particularly around the topic of intangible assets.

At Interstate we often discuss the intangible benefits of our work and how they positively impact the bottom line for our clients.

Whether that…

Brands are increasingly looking for ways to reach new audiences through partnerships with other brands that share common values, ambitions and communities. Weaving product benefits into a natural, informed conversation will always be a key approach to an ‘authentic’ sales proposition.

The MINI brand has quite a challenge in the North American market where size matters — “as long as it’s big” is the common consumer mentality — and where the pressure on efficiency has been lessened by lower ‘gas’ prices. …

Hi, I’m Zofia, I am a Polish-born graphic designer, working at Interstate Creative Partners. With over eight years of experience, my main focus is branding and print design. Over the last 10 years I have spent time living in different parts of Europe — Denmark, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and now London. In fact, coming to London was actually a return of sorts; I lived here briefly as a child, when my father worked as a journalist for BBC radio. …

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