May 25, 2017 · Unlisted

Welcome to IntraKraft — Digitizing Retail

IntraKraft is India’s first member only B2B platform for fashion. We believe that Intrakraft is, more than an idea, a solution.

This is our effort towards providing a solution to issues we have faced first hand during our decade long journey in fashion industry. There is a dire need to digitize the way businesses interact with each other in order to survive in today’s fast fashion world. Today retail is struggling with declining sales, customer dissatisfaction, piling inventory and skyrocketing discounts. A major reason for all these issues directly hitting the business is inefficiencies involved in retail processes, with Intrakraft our aim is to streamline these backend processes. Simplify retail, Do business better.

Intrakraft is the first online platform that offers a private member-only network of verified retailers and brands, with controlled access to catalogues and secure transactions.

Each brand and retailer is vetted by on ground team.

· Verified members

· Catalogue privacy

· Credit line facility

· Payment protection

Intrakraft click to transact is an exclusive feature which allows retailer and brands to complete the buying transaction easily with few clicks.

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IntraKraft ‘Click To Transact’

With click to transact retailers can send order intimation to brands, Brands can accept the order and generate PI (proforma Invoice), retailers in return can accept PI and generate PO (Purchase Order) and finally brands can accept the purchase order and issue Invoice. All these processes to complete a transaction can be done in single click with Intrakraft click to transact.

Intrakraft dashboard enables you to easily track all your orders, shipment delivery status, pending invoices, payments information and host of other information in one place.

Simplifying retail. Do business better with Intrakraft.

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