9 Smart Tips for Healthy Business Travel

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Part Two: Landing on Your FeetIn our last post, we shared the best ways to plan ahead for healthy and happy business travel. And although planning is crucial, it’s what you do once you embark on your journey that will determine your success.

Staying on top of your health and vitality while travelling can become tricky when you’re faced with long flights, hectic work schedules, or less-than-ideal accommodations once you’ve arrived at your destination. That’s why today we’re continuing our business travel series by sharing our favourite tips for staying vibrant once you’ve begun your trip.

In-Flight Mobility
Long flights and car rides can be a killer for circulation. Throw in a bad back, hip, or neck and you’re sure to be in a world of hurt. Combat joint stiffness and swelling by keeping your posture in check (use those arm rests!) and taking frequent breaks from sitting to do some stretching. Monitor your posture in the car by positioning your rear-view mirror[1] at the height it needs to be when you’re sitting straight. It will serve as a gentle reminder not to slouch.

Veg Out
Ignore the call of that greasy burger or those salty (albeit delicious) French fries. One of the best ways to keep your system on track while travelling is to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein. Most restaurants are accustomed to substituting healthy options into regular menu items. If the conference isn’t providing anything nutritious, don’t hesitate to skip out and eat elsewhere. It’s your body. You know what’s right for you!

Open the Floodgates
Travelling is notoriously dehydrating. Make water a priority by filling that water bottle you packed before you leave the hotel each morning. Eating out? Choose water with lemon over that sugary soda. Last but not least, keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated by applying a generous layer of one of Intraline’s luxurious creams first thing in the morning and before you go to sleep.

Hit the Snooze Button
If you’ve followed our advice from our previous post, then you’ve packed the items you need to guarantee a good night’s sleep. Your sleep mask or favourite pillow can be particularly handy when you’re changing time zones. Make sleep a priority by getting back to your hotel room early in the evening, no matter how tempting a night out on the town might be.

Get a Move On
Exercise has so many benefits for the traveller, not the least of which being improved circulation and plenty of happy endorphins. Utilize the hotel gym or step out and discover the city by foot on a jog or brisk walk. If you can, wake up a few minutes early[2] and start your day with a workout. You’ll feel awake, refreshed, and ready to tackle whatever challenges you’ll face throughout the day.

Business travel may not be as glamorous as we imagined at the outset of our careers. But by making a few subtle tweaks to your travel routine, you’ll maximize your enjoyment and require less recovery time once you’re back home. For more information on Intraline’s commitment to our patients’ health and wellness, visit our About page today!

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Originally published at www.intraline.com.

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