We’re celebrating Small Business Week by sharing advice from the tinkerers, entrepreneurs, and tastemakers who made the leap and started their own venture.

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To celebrate Small Business Week, we reached out to a few of our beloved small business customers to see why they love owning their own business and if they had any advice for other small business owners just starting out. Check out what they had to say below. Also don’t forget to show your support by shopping local this week and beyond!

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The Intuit-sponsored CodePath bootcamp is for software engineers who want to learn mobile development in order to become Full-Stack Engineers. The bootcamp gives developers hands-on experience building Swift iOS apps in line with industry best practices. This training is perfect for software developers looking to add mobile development to their toolkit.

A team with real value

We’ve partnered with CodePath to offer a free, accelerated 8-week evening iOS bootcamp for 30 students at the Intuit headquarters in Mountain View, California. Our experience building 18 apps with millions of app users has taught us that adding mobile skills is crucial. …

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The common misconceptions of what “self-employed” really means

If you are one of the 55 million self-employed Americans (that’s 36% of the workforce!) you may run into this common question from friends and family during this holiday party season, “So what are you up to these days, who do you work for?”

As a self-employed person, you wear many hats, and to others (like grandma) the concept of working for yourself can at times be…confusing. So let us help you out, or at least try.

Best of luck and Happy Holidays!

By Suzanne Pellican

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Just like college football, your company can’t win at design by throwing a few star players at it.

For corporate America, building a killer design team has become as much a national obsession as college football. Companies are hiring ace designers in hopes they can help them out-muscle and out-think the competition. The goal? Winning at customer-focused, design-based product excellence.

I’m a diehard Ohio State Buckeye, and I can tell you that college football is a complicated game, built on 11 different positions working together on the field at any given time. Athletic competition explores the limits of strategy and execution, with team building and coaching at the core. …

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By Ruchika Dhingra

Making career decisions can be challenging, especially as women who have to constantly balance family and work priorities. This problem becomes worse as women approach the mid-career phase, when they might see a substantial stall in their career. Some psychologists see striking similarities between what they term “the middle-child syndrome” and what happens during the mid-career of female professionals. Evidence shows that similar to the middle child, mid-career women have to try a little harder to be heard.

Depending on how much your current situation differs from where you’d like to be, you may have to redesign, restructure or reimagine your career. …

Dear Followers -

The Grace Hopper Conference is quickly approaching. As always, theres a lot to see and do (like scoping out the 21 Intuit employees presenting at this year’s event)!

To help attendees figure out what to see and do, we’re creating a content series on our Medium page with tips and suggestions on what to check out, including:

If you’re going to Grace Hopper this year, be sure to say “Hi!” — we’re looking forward rubbing shoulders with awesome talent and even better folks.

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Updated November 4, 2016 with links to available presentations on SlideShare

We have over 20 employees presenting and teaching at Grace Hopper, in addition to plenty more who are looking to connect and learn. Want to say hi or geek out? Check us out at the following places throughout the show:

Wednesday, Oct. 19

2:00–5:30Poster Session

Thursday, Oct. 20

9:00–9:20Komal BhatiaDemystifying Modern Web…

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It’s that time of year again where the end of summer is nearing, and you guessed it, panel topics for SXSW 2017 are being decided. Now is your chance to provide your input. What type of topics do you want to learn about? AI? Design? Let us know by voting for your favorite Intuit SXSW panel topics via each link below:

Lessons learned from my 5-year-old daughter

By Anu Tewary

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Anu Tewary, a data scientist, is Director of Product Management at Intuit and founder of Technovation Challenge, a global programming and entrepreneurship program for girls.

Below is the keynote that Anu gave to the finalists of the 2016 Technovation Challenge

A few years ago, I founded a company called Level Up Analytics, which was acquired by Intuit. And, before that I also founded the Technovation Challenge almost 7 years ago. I guess you could say that Technovation is my first baby, which is now all grown up and living a life of its own. Today, I’d like to talk about three lessons that I’ve learned from my second baby, Lasya, who just turned 5 and will be starting Kindergarten soon.

My 5-year-old loves to program robots. Her programming language of choice is English and her favorite robot is her dad. She sits on his shoulders and gives him a set of instructions to accomplish a set of tasks. For example, walk 6 steps, turn to the left, walk 3 steps, and voila, they’ve arrived in the kitchen, ready for breakfast. Sometimes, she intentionally introduces a bug into the system: she makes a mistake to see what would happen. If the robot turns to the right instead of the left and walks into a wall. Or has to walk backwards down the stairs. If things don’t turn out quite right, it’s interesting and fun! And from that I’ve learned…

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By Jeff Zias

Note: This last month we lost one of the most central and important contributors to Silicon Valley, Bill “Coach” Campbell. Bill was a coach, leader, CEO, Board member, and bear-hugging friend to many.

Directly, Coach Campbell changed the lives of thousands.

Indirectly, by way of guiding so many people and companies, Bill Campbell reached millions if not billions of people. Campbell’s mentees — leaders of Apple, Google, Amazon, EBay, Alphabet and Intuit — helped shape the modern business landscape.

We dedicate this article to Bill Campbell.

RIP Coach Bill Campbell, we miss you.

Coaching Tips from the Greats
Working in Silicon Valley can be a blessing. Where else can you observe so many of the greats of modern business up close? I’ve been lucky enough to observe some of the all-time business greats up close, in action. Steve Jobs, Bill Campbell, and Scott Cook … these are no smallish talents. …



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