5 Ways You Can Receive Angel Messages Today!

A lot of folks say to me, “I don’t meditate” or “I am not intuitive or connected enough to talk to my angels”. To that, I say, “We are all able to but, we are in different sections of our journeys at any given time”. Personally, I have been practicing this stuff for…well… let’s just say a loooong time… For me, calling upon an Arch Angel or my guardians is like calling a friend on the telephone. Some folks are new at it where it may not come as easily. Some have other goals and are not focused on really connecting with their angels, but still want to hear from them from time to time.

I will address the “how to connect with your angels” in a future post. (in fact I am working on some classes for this — more to come). Today, lets do a quickie run down of how you can do some angelic Q&A with your own angel peeps right this minute!

Have you ever had a question or a decision you were struggling to figure out? Or maybe something small like, you needed a great parking spot at the mall or maybe what to get someone as a gift? Let your angels help you. I was raised Catholic and I don’t know about you, but it was ingrained in us that you only go to the spiritual folk when you need BIG PROFOUND STUFF… Like parting seas for escaping refugees and such. In all honesty, that’s not the case AT ALL. Our angels WANT to help us in every step we take. We are surrounded by their love and they want to help. Funny thing is though: free will. We all have free will and the angels must abide by that. They can see everything that’s happening and guide us to safe harbor or that great parking space, but we need to open up and ask for their help. Remember, no person is an island and you, my friend, are never alone. You just have top open up and ask and they will show themselves.

So here’s where you start working as an angelic team rather than a lone wolf. Ask and you shall receive, in various ways. Below are five ways your angels can communicate with you starting today. No assembly required. Just one rule — you must ask. Something like “Ok angels, I am looking for the best parking space you can find me today!” or “Dear Angels, I am so lost right now. Please show me some light so I know which way to go.” Check out these 5 ways to get answers:

1. Feathers. Especially white feathers. Ever been feeling so alone or maybe sad at

the loss of someone? And poof you happen upon a feather out of no where? Angels will speak in feathers. This means you are some where and as you are having these thoughts you may stumble upon a feather or one will fall out of the sky and there are no birds around. This sign is letting you know, you are not alone. Your angels are with you and loving you. They are ready to work with you. Just say the word. They are reminding that it is your choice (free will — pesky thing sometimes) for you to ask or not for their help. It’s like getting an angel hug when you really need one reminding there is always someone there who is willing to love and help you.

2. Music. Angels LOVE music (maybe not death metal so much but who knows). They often communicate through it. They can show their presence by moving

wind chimes or bells and this is to show they are there for you, much like the feathers, since they are purveyors of gentle music. Other times, you may be speaking out loud or thinking about a problem or question you may have and ask for help and the next song you hear on the radio has your answer. Someone maybe walk by whistling or singing a song that is the answer for you. It’s funny how often I find this happening to me. Maybe try this one out

3. Overhearing conversations of others. I am not saying be nosy or anything invasive…

Sometimes you may have your mind on your own troubles or thoughts and seeking answers while shopping at Target or having lunch out. Even though deep in thought, all of a sudden, for whatever reason, your attention is drawn to the conversation of the next table over and boom, their conversation is the answer to your question. Who brought your attention out of your own day dreams to them? Duh! Your angels! They had something to say and they wanted to make sure you heard it!

4. Angel Numbers — or recurring number sequencing. Have you ever woken up at the same exact time for 4 nights in a row and it’s 3:33am? OR Maybe every where you go you see 444 — you look at the clock 4:44pm, you check out at the

coffee shop and your bill is $4.44? That’s them letting you know different things. Since numbers, for the most part, cross all language lines, they are a great source for the angels to use as communication. For example 333 means: You are surrounded, guided and protected by the ascended masters (i.e.: Jesus, Buddha, etc.) 444 means: You are supported and guided by your angels. You are on the right path and have nothing to fear. There are some great Angel Number apps and websites you can check out (just google Angel Numbers). I prefer Doreen Virtues’ work but there are many others who you can also use was reference.

5. Literally — Signs. Every been in a conundrum about something. You can’t figure out which way to go… Then you’re driving down the street and boom — there’s a billboard with your answer written all over it? HELLO! It’s like that movie L.A. Story from back in the 1990s where Steve Martin can’t figure out who to fall in love with and the road work signs are telling him throughout the whole movie. Sometimes your sign is literally a sign.

I love this movie!

So there you have it, 5 great, start right now, no delay, no shipping and handling ways to communicate with your angels. One last caveat before I go. In addition to asking so the angels know it is your decision for them to help you, you need to bring your awareness to the signs. You can’t ask for a sign, then be oblivious and wonder where your answer is. Once you ask, be on the lookout for signs. One of the above forms or maybe even someone coming out directly and answering you when you didn’t even ask. If you pay attention — you will get your answer.

I hope this helps and start working with them today — even if it’s for a good parking space. You’ll be happy you did. Have specific questions about communicating with your angels — send me an email! I would love to hear from you.

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Michele is certified in Assertive Living Coaching, Angel Tarot, Chakra Wisdom Healing, and Reiki. Michele has been in ongoing study for the past three decades in the works of Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Ramtha, Abraham-Hicks, Caroline Myss, and Deborah King in addition to her natural and inherited intuitive skill sets.

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