Have you heard of EIT Food yet? Whether you have or you haven’t, you can find out more about the great accelerator programs and competitions they run.

We are inviting you to listen to our story and understand more about our services within an event organised by EIT Food.

What is this❓ We are presenting our idea in the EIT Food Innovation Prize’s 🇪🇺 European-wide competition, which is an online pitch event among 8 selected 🇭🇺 Hungarian food-related startups and is starting at 16:00 on Wednesday, 15th of July. The best startup will proceed to the European final!

How can you participate❓ You can register for the event on this link but you are also welcome to join the live YouTube broadcast on the 15th of July. The link will be shared on the day of the event. …

Some great and exciting things are happening with us in these challenging times. Find out more in the article:


We are also looking forward to participating in the Block.IS Challenges this week!

DMS Accelerator

EIT — European Institute of Innovation and Technology

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The exact requirement around the different standardised traceability systems vary one-by-one, however, these are all based on the same inventory flow. Still, the companies (farms, gathering points, conversion plants, traders) have to provide the necessary reports manually and multiple times. There is also a great amount of audit necessary by the partners of the system owners, occurring multiple times a year making sure that the given partner is operating under the given standard correctly. But there are still inefficiencies and multiple errors, resulting in food recalls and misguiding end customers.

Inventori is providing an integrated solution to manage the goods’ inventory by the participants of the supply chains and incorporate the requirements of the given system owners into the process with the security enhanced by blockchain technology. This results in complete and transparent information management and more secure, therefore, credible adequacy by the certification standards. …

We have just landed in the Blockchain community and are very excited to add value to the ecosystem.

Inventori is a blockchain-powered sustainable production tracking and inventory management platform for supply chain participants.

See below the list of our official social channels which we keep up to date at all times.

Website: https://inventori.io

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Inventoriio

Facebook: www.facebook.com/inventori.io

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/inventori

Medium: www.medium.com/@Inventori

Stay tuned for updates about the project!

To contact us: info@inventori.io


Inventori Solutions

Blockchain-powered inventory and certification standard management platform https://inventori.io

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