The Single Version of the Integrated Truth (SVOTIT) — Why It’s Important

June 6, 2017

As the financial markets continue to increase in complexity and move ever faster, investors need access to the most current and accurate data to make decisions.

Successful investors must have conviction in their decisions. To have conviction, investors need to have confidence in their processes and trust in their information. That trust is based on the quality of the information.

Creating the truth

The highest quality information often comes from or is corroborated by data stored in multiple sources. News, economic analysis, manager research, investment results and others flow from separate providers. Too often, investors manage much of the crucial data they need to create meaningful information in multiple locations. The same information may even be stored multiple times, creating unnecessary redundancies.

Information often becomes inconsistent and delayed, resulting in a lack of trust. To make use of this information, investors perform time-consuming reconciliations, resulting in further delays. Many combine data using spreadsheets, leading to inefficiencies and potential for error.

The ability to synthesize an investment thesis from disparate sources of information is a key to successful investing. Maintaining and managing the information in one location contributes to the success of this process.

These qualities are hallmarks of SVOTIT, the Single Version of the Integrated Truth. SVOTIT supports investment success.

Delivering the truth

InvestCloud’s Digital Warehouse delivers SVOTIT. The Digital Warehouse’s Common Interface facilitates the fulfillment of data aggregation and validation from numerous counterparties, data vendors, news sources and third-party systems. Data is normalized and becomes reliable information for investment decision-making.

InvestCloud offers over 150 apps based on the Digital Warehouse, which can be configured and customized to each investor’s needs. These multiple visualizations allow investors to consume SVOTIT on their own terms. Investors can expedite their decision-making and feel more confident in the results. Ultimately, this leads to better investment results.

InvestCloud’s Navy platform is an example of how the Digital Warehouse delivers SVOTIT. Endowments, Foundations, Pension Plans and Single Family Offices use Navy to track portfolios comprised primarily of third-party investment managers. These investors are particularly in need of SVOTIT due to their reliance on disparate reporting from the managers.

The platform is designed to accommodate the broadest range of asset classes, thus eliminating the need for multiple systems. By consolidating portfolio management holistically, tedious manual reconciliations are eliminated. Calculations and reporting are maintained entirely in the system, allowing for automated delivery without the use of spreadsheets that can introduce errors. Integrated contact management and document retention extend the truly cohesive experience for investors.

Clients agree that Navy gives them confidence in their decisions. It becomes the one source to evaluate manager performance, review exposures and determine liquidity. The side-by-side maintenance of financial data with supporting documentation makes research more efficient, and clearer to act upon.

If you are an investor who relies on accurate, timely and complete information for decision-making, you should consider how that information is stored and consumed. If ongoing reconciliation and aggregation are part of your daily workflow, you may not be managing your data as efficiently as possible. Consider whether your systems truly deliver SVOTIT.

If you don’t have SVOTIT, but want to improve your efficiency and make better decisions, InvestCloud can help you define a solution.

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