By Clement Thibault

Bitcoin is back — with a vengeance. It’s now trading beyond $11,300 levels, a point the digital currency first hit in November 2017, when it was on its way toward $20,000, where it peaked before 2018 began.

BTC/USD Weekly

But after losing 80% of its value in 2018, many investors may have already written it off, dismissing the cryptocurrency as just another asset bubble on its way to zero. …

By Tanzeel Akhtar

With the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) now suing messaging service Kik Interactive on claims the company’s 2017 KIN initial coin offering violated U.S. securities laws, the ICO boom phase may have just officially ended. Indeed, as the collective reputation of ICOs grows ever more tarnished by scandal-ridden offerings and increasing financial regulatory scrutiny, two new routes to tokenization could potentially reverse much of the damage, making it easier — and potentially safer — for investors to enter the cryptocurrency space.

The two new tracks, dubbed security token offerings (STOs) and initial exchange offerings (IEOs) are…

By Clement Thibault

If you ever considered investing in Alphabet, Google’s parent company, you probably noticed that it trades under two different ticker symbols: GOOG and GOOGL. Which one is the better buy? Is there a difference between the two? And how exactly does Alphabet fit into all of it?

Brief History of Google

Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were then both PhD students at Stanford University. …

By Clement Thibault

The seemingly endless flow of tech initial public offerings (IPOs) continues. Over the past few months we’ve been relatively skeptical about many of these offerings, including Lyft (NASDAQ:LYFT) and Uber (UBER).

Can Slack, a San Francisco-based messaging app, rise above other much-heralded IPOs to become not only a unicorn company but something even rarer — an IPO worth investing in? Slack is planning to go public via a direct listing, but its first day of trade is unknown. However, based on previous IPOs, we expect it to start trading at the end of May, under the ticker…

By Tanzeel Akhtar

Bitcoin (BTC), the most highly valued cryptocurrency by market cap, appears to have finally come back to life, after it collapsed into a swoon that lasted from late 2017 through all of last year. Trading under $4,000 per token just a few weeks ago, Bitcoin has surged, now over $8,000 at the time of writing. And it’s pulling other cryptos, including Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, EOS and Litecoin along with it.


Investors familiar with this highly volatile digital asset class will likely be aware that this latest spike could be short-lived. …

By Clement Thibault

After a bruising, two plus years of litigation, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and chipmaker Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) surprised markets yesterday by settling their differences out of court just hours after the long-awaited trial kicked off. Though Apple shares didn’t react to the news, Qualcomm’s stock skyrocketed, gaining 31%, including a 6% hike in after hours trading.

QCOM Weekly 2016–2019

The original lawsuit, filed in January 2017, alleged that Apple was violating Qualcomm patents by not paying royalties; Apple — which at the time was one of Qualcomm’s biggest customers — claimed that for years they’d been overcharged on those patents. In addition, Apple…

By Clement Thibault

Last week, streaming music service Spotify (NYSE:SPOT) filed an antitrust complaint in the EU alleging Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is stifling innovation by giving its proprietary music offering, Apple Music, an unfair advantage over direct competitors within its user ecosystem. Spotify says it does so by various means, including collecting a 30% tax on any sale of third-party services through its App Store, and by blocking third party access to synergies with other Apple products, such as streaming music via Spotify through Siri, Apple’s HomePod, or from the Apple Watch.

According to Daniel Ek, Spotify’s CEO, in a statement

By Tanzeel Akhtar

Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX was relatively unknown outside of Canada until its CEO, Gerald Cotton, died suddenly in December, while on a trip to India. That alone wouldn’t necessarily have made headlines if the exchange’s 115,000 users were able to conduct business as usual and access their digital assets — much of it in Bitcoin — once his death became public.

However, the exchange’s statement announcing he’d passed away, released on January 14, 2019 by his widow, Jennifer Robertson, triggered investor requests to withdraw funds. That forced the revelation that Cotton had died without sharing the password…

By Clement Thibault

With the announcement in late February that Lyft, the San Francisco-based ride-hailing service, was planning to start its roadshow in early March — the run-up to an initial public offering — the 2019 IPO season is finally underway.

Lyft is one of a number of closely watched, privately-held, Unicorn companies whose public listing has been highly anticipated by investors. Other firms expected to go public this year include Uber, Airbnb, and Slack.

After delays caused by U.S. President Donald Trump’s partial government shutdown, Lyft is the first one out of the gate. Though its official IPO date…

When Warren Buffett speaks — via Berkshire Hathaway’s (NYSE:BRKa) quarterly reports or through his much anticipated annual letter to shareholders, released this past weekend — investors, whether they’re stakeholders in Buffett’s multinational conglomerate holding company or not, pay close attention.

Dubbed “the Oracle of Omaha,” because of his legendary skill as a value investor, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has built a reputation for picking up undervalued shares of otherwise strong companies and profitably holding them for years, via his company’s portfolio.

BRKa vs SPX 1980–2019

The brilliance of his game plan is evident in the chart above. Over the past 40 years, while…

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