The End Of The Quarterly Report

We’re building a free forum for quality conversations about share trading and investing in Australia — Sound Interesting?

For year’s now, as an amateur investor I've have relied on quarterly reports, charts, my own research and the odd stockholder podcast to help give my investing portfolio direction.

But does your everyday investor have to feel so removed from the day to day?Do we need to hang from quarter to quarter waiting on the slightest of news?

With all of this technology surely there are ways to bring investors closer to their investments?

Well, we think there is.

Over at investium we’re working on a way to enable investors to get more information on their investments and to help them find better answers to the questions they have.

That’s right — We’re working on a way for you to communicate directly with your favourite CEO’s.

More than that; We’re also hoping to help businesses and their board members communicate better with their investors.

Sound like something you may be interested in?

Well if you are, and want to find out a little more, register now and we’ll keep you in the loop.


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