When you sell on pancakeswap or uniswap you need to approve the token before selling.

Approving a token means that you give access to your wallet funds to the corresponding token.

It is a possiblity the creators of the token can drain your wallet.

We are not saying they will take out your fund (drain your wallet) but its just a possibility.

To prevent this types of frauds and scams you should use the following


It is the best revoking access according to me.

If you find a better one get to us at ishan420x@gmail.com

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You might have wondered you are in 100 of group and you can only pin 5 groups.

But new coin launches everyday and you can’t keep up with the timings and you missed the launch.

I have a solution for this-telegram folders.

Go to settings of telegram then select chat folders then create new folder and name the new folder and click on add new chats and type the name of the group there which you want to add to the folder.

I personally use 3 folder

  1. Personal chat
  2. Crypto chat
  3. New launches.

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