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Real Estate business needs lots of investigation before investing money into it. Certain companies, some projects, some builders are fraud, and sometimes our luck is fraud. We need a trustworthy agent who is legaly certified and is not a fraud.

Investors clinic is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, which has gained a huge respect in the industry with esteemed patrons and lots of awards, one award Times Research Service Excellence Award 2010 is honored to Investors clinic by respected Kapil Dev in 2010. Investors clinic also achieved an award by Buildecon Publisher for the Best Property Consultants in Delhi/NCR. Investors clinic deals with legal and genuine builders with all approved projects only to avoid any case of fraud deal. Investors clinic believe “customer is king and one can never hoax with King.”

Surprisingly, Investors clinic found some wrong and fake comments on some mediums, which are confusing as Investors clinic fraud. Investor clinic is genuine customer handler and immediately started contacting the contacts given on those mediums to solve their problem. Honey Katiyal personally look into the matter to find the complaints and try to rectify the problems. However, none of the e-mail id or phone number were correct. Investors clinic tried other ways out to contact them but, not to surprise, all complaints were fake. This is a clear justification on its own that Investors clinic is not fraud but those who are trying to insult and defame it as fraud are themselves frauds. May be Investor clinic’s smart growth, with thousands of satisfied customers, has made its competitors to do such actions and squel Investors clinic fraud. If these fake people will continue to do such a cheap tricks, then Investors clinic may have to consider taking a legal action against these frauds. In real estate business , the first reputed name comes is “Investors clinic” who are geniune.

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