Fake Accounts.

so about 5 days ago i logged onto Facebook to find that someone i didn't know added me named Phoenix Angel Duarte so i accepted because i was suspicious, the next day she messaged me asking if i knew someone she was talking to the mother (just gonna call her Marie so i don’t give her name away) of my ex Alex, i said yes that i had talked to his mom about him a few times but that was literally like a month and a half ago.

then come to find out the person claiming to be real on the phoenix duarte account stole pictures from my cousins account and used them as they’re own, in turns making Marie believe it was me, Marie got mad and i messaged her saying “do you really think id make a fake account to lie and play games with you? i have to much going on in my life right now i don’t have time to do that even if i wanted to do that” she then responded with a not so nice messaged and made her son not only unfriend me on Facebook but also block me.

the message she sent i would put in here but for privacy reason i wont though it was a really mean message she was basically accusing me of Fraud, harassment, and bullying, and told me that she didn’t want to hear see or find out from that point forward that i had said anything about her her son or his friends saying that i don’t know anything about her Alex or they’re family, she is right i don’t know anything about her or her husband but i do know a lot about Alex, but she doesn't know anything about me so how does she just automatically get to blame me for that fake account? she doesn't because it wasn't me.

her son is not and has not been the one getting harassed, bullied, and humiliated at school for the last month and a half i am, all because of 3 girls who had my trust then used it against me getting me suspended for 2 weeks for something i had no part of and something i didn’t do, and now he wont even open his mouth to tell his mom the truth he wont tell her the things he has done or caused hes not as perfect as she thinks he is.

she cant stop me from talking to his friends seeing as i am friends with some of his friends, now he is trying to make his friends that are friends with me block me on Facebook and unfriend me and his mom is trying to get my blog site cause she thinks that i have written bad things about him and i haven't all i have written about him have been good things nothing bad at all, someone he and i are both friends named Kayla (not her real name but again for privacy reasons) was talking to Marie cause Marie said she needed help to get my blog but Kayla didn’t know it so she asked Ellie (not her real name privacy reasons) a friend of mine and Kayla's to talked to me about since Ellie is still friends with me.

Kayla believes that i was mean to Marie and that i was harassing and bullying Alex but no Marie is lying i didn't do anything wrong at all so i have no clue why she thinks its okay to go tell people that i was mean to her i didn't do anything wrong, Marie got mad when i posted a screenshot of what the Phoenix person told me and made me take it down because it was apparently a lie well what is she doing thing telling the truth no she is not she is telling lies. and don’t get me wrong guys this is not in anyway a shot at his mom or him or Ellie or Kayla i promise its not i would never talk bad about someones mom i was just posting but if you have any advise on how to deal with this type of thing please let me know. thanks guys.

Invisible Girl

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