Where Matt Conn has Gone Wrong

On the 30th of March, Eric Johnson published an interview of Matt Conn the founder of GaymerX on his viewpoint on ‘Gamers’, ‘#GamerGate’ and his organisation’s behaviour towards both of these groups; which you can find here: archive.today/yot3K

Key Exerpts of the Interview

  1. We haven’t taken gaming seriously, and because of that, we’ve allowed gaming culture to become so toxic that it’s almost like system shock to a ton of people. We’re asking them to grow up very quickly, and I can understand why they can be upset and fight back against that.
  2. Conn said he’s troubled by the paucity of attempts at compromise and conversation from both “sides” since the online movement erupted in August.
  3. Matt Conn, founder of the LGBT gaming convention GaymerX, is conflicted. “I haven’t been able to sleep, and it’s not because I’m scared of being swatted or doxxed,” Conn said of GamerGate. “I want the community to get better, and I feel like now, I’m in a position where I can actually do something. And I don’t know what to do.”

Is Gaming Immature?


But isn’t GamerGate a sign that Gaming is Immature?

On the contrary, it’s a sign that the audience of Gamers is becoming much more politically active and mature than the media interlopers who profess to serve us, but act in their own interests. Gamers have now reached a level of political and economic sophistication where we can find journalists misbehaving and call them on it, just like in any other mature medium.

Whether this is the large number of conflicts of interest we have found, the corruption we have exposed or the defense of our identity, we are politically active and willing to use our consumer power to get a fair deal from the gaming industry.

The complication for you is that Gamers operate on a much more connected level than other media consumers. We are very active. We talk. A lot. If you listen to us then we do your market research department’s job for free.

By siding with corrupt journalists, corrupt developers and the associated hacks against the increased sophistication of Gamers, you aren’t helping Gaming to ‘Grow Up’. You are telling Gamers to get back in their box and be children.

Your perfidious position is evidenced by you supporting protected cliques in the media and by banishing dissenting viewpoints to protect your friends and their peer groups.

That has never been acceptable and will no longer be accepted by you or anyone. It is against the will of the consumers and this will cause the industry to fail.

The Paucity of Compromise

Yes, there is a paucity of compromise.

Every day which has passed shows a paucity of compromise from your side.

Every day which passes has fastidious Gamers finding more instances of you and your friends failures; first as advocates for gaming, second for diversity and third to common ethical standards which would be the minimum acceptable standard in any industry.

There are only three compromises which are required and which will be enforced, either with your permission, or against your resistance:

  1. That the gaming media and industry accepts the same ethical and business standards that other industries accept.
  2. That the gaming media and industry cease their irrational discrimination against their consumer base and accepts that justice and equality requires that all races and sexes are accepted as equal and are treated with respect.
  3. That the gaming media and industry accept that it is not acceptable to launch defamatory attacks on its customer base.

You Don’t Know What to Do

Then let me show you the first step on the ladder.

Talk to Gamers. Not the media; to Gamers. All of the Gamers, not just the ones that make you feel comfortable.

Then you will find out how to better serve the shared goals of the community rather than your pet political causes and vanity.

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