Be a trend setter: Send a video birthday greeting

Whether you know a person who’s hard to get gifts for or not, start your birthday duties off right by sending the birthday party a video birthday greeting. And if just the idea alone doesn’t get your reels rolling, here are some other perks:

It’s different. You know there’ll probably be cake, gift cards and a few other common gifts. But a cool video that the birthday boy/girl can watch over and over again for years to come? You can almost bet none of your other friends or family thought of that one. Do something outside the box — and inside their inbox!

It’s personal. You know your friend/family’s taste and what they’d find funny, touching or appropriate. And what birthday celebrator doesn’t want something that’s all about them on their special day? Forget the generic birthday card — show them that you truly appreciate their individuality and give them something they’ll know you put real thought into.

It’s free! When you send your video greeting through, your greeting is free to the first 5 email addresses you want to use. All you need is your creativity and the recipient’s email addresses! It’s a gift they’ll love and your pockets will appreciate.