5 Ways SMS Messaging Will Play Out in IoT  #IIoT #IoT #IoE #InternetOfThings
  • This intelligent design, often — and fondly — referred to as the ‘Internet of Things’, is a way to semi-automate everything from our homes to our workplaces to all kinds of fun and functional activities in between.
  • SMS may connect medical professionals in their quest for quicker and more accurate diagnoses, but there are also real-world applications for everyday use as well; there are already pill boxes that will text you a reminder if you forget to take your daily dose, and a clever wearable gadget could send an alert to your phone if your heart rate or blood pressure read abnormally.
  • Smart locks with electronic sensors can be activated — or deactivated, should your child arrive home to an empty house and find themselves unable to remember the entry code — by text, and should a break-in occur, emergency services and other chosen parties will get an SMS update as well.
  • A network of wireless sensors placed around the home and even worn on the person can track, log, and transmit a person’s daily activities and alert the proper authorities if there’s a heat flare (fire), lack of regular activity (sudden illness or a fall), or even a fever or elevated heart rate.
  • Experts say that there may be as many as 30 billion devices in the collective Internet of Things by the year 2020 — a huge web of connected devices that work in concert to make our lives bigger, better, and more efficient.

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