WHO will be the world leader in #ArtificialIntelligence in 2030 - ? 🇨🇳 #iot #ai
  • The two professors who consulted with the government on A.I. both said that the 2016 defeat of Lee Se-dol, a South Korean master of the board game Go, by Google’s AlphaGo had a profound impact on politicians in China.
  • China’s ambitions with A.I. range from the anodyne to the dystopian, according to the new plan.
  • The Defense Department found that Chinese money has been flowing into American A.I. companies — some of the same ones it says are likely to help the United States military develop future weapons systems.
  • In a timeline laid out within the new policy, the government expects its companies and research facilities to be at the same level as leading countries like the United States by 2020.
  • The country’s internet search giant Baidu, which has run an A.I. research center out of Silicon Valley in recent years, announced this year that it would open a new lab in cooperation with the government.

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