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  • If the government decides to stop releasing open data, like President Trump did in early February, or a company decides to manipulate data on its products, like Airbnb did with its New York listings, what then?Brian Forde wrote on Harvard Business Review that public blockchain can be used to record not only financial transactions (like Bitcoin) but also public data.
  • Blockchain Benefits for Governments, Companies, and ConsumersIn his article, Mr. Forde uses ride-sharing companies as an example to illustrate how blockchain can benefit governments, companies, and consumers.By submitting data into a secure blockchain with appropriate access levels, the government can monitor and regulate companies in real-time.
  • And on the company side, they can more efficiently comply with the law by using a digital, adaptable system, instead of a paper and person-based incumbent, outdated system.While this sounds wonderful, how much of it is in the realm of reality versus fiction?Is Blockchain for Public Data Actually Realistic?IPDB Foundation is creating an open database built on top of the blockchain technology, similar to what the article was advocating.
  • I also believe in Mr. Forde’s vision in implementing blockchain to secure public data and help governments and companies work together.But blockchain in and of itself cannot be the solution.
  • We need a blockchain+ solution: a combination of new technologies that keeps our public data open and sustainably so.

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