Cisco, @BoschSI , and Foxconn are building #blockchain tech for the internet of things  #IoT
  • The new internet of things consortium highlights how companies could make bigger moves in blockchain this year.
  • Companies in different sectors are looking at the technology, but some financial firms have forged ahead, recently announcing plans to deploy new blockchain systems this year.
  • (Reuters) — Cisco, Bosch, and several other companies have set up a consortium to work on how blockchain can be used to secure and improve “internet of things” applications, as sectors beyond finance seek to benefit from bitcoin’s underlying technology.
  • As investment into blockchain continues to grow, skeptics have warned that the technology may be hyped and that it may take several years before companies can reap its benefits.
  • Cisco, Bosch, and Foxconn are building blockchain tech for the internet of things

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@evankirstel: “Cisco, @BoschSI , and Foxconn are building #blockchain tech for the internet of things #IoT” open tweet »

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