First Smart Piggy Bank ERNIT Raised Over $700K on Crunchbase  @Ernit_Official #startup #iot
  • It’s even better if these habits were developed from a young age, which is why the founders of ERNIT created the world’s first smart piggy bank that has recently raised over $700,000 on Crunchbase.
  • “We all had piggy banks when we were kids, but as grownups, we didn’t see our kids using piggy banks in the same way we did,” said Soren Nielsen, one of the three founders of ERNIT who also has a daughter.
  • “This is an essential part in teaching children how to understand the concept of money and both in the app and on the piggy bank they can see how far away they are from their goal — so we are using money as mean to teach them about things like patience, endurance and delayed gratification,” said Nielsen.
  • The idea of this product was formed when the three family fathers who are also the founders of ERNIT were sitting around a New Year’s Eve table talking about how to give their children some good money habits a few years back.
  • “We are going to use the money to make a successful integration into our first Nordic bank, Spar Nord, send the product to market and then be able to scale afterwards,” said Nielsen.

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