For #IoT over #WiFi, 802.11ax is the New HaLow  #wireless #networks
  • For one, HaLow’s frequency band of operation is different from the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands used for WiFi network access.
  • As a result, a 802.11ax AP does not require a separate radio for IoT like HaLow does.
  • These features mean that 802.11ax can offer the same benefits as HaLow for client power consumption and complexity.
  • Overall, 802.11ax is better suited than HaLow for local range IoT.
  • HaLow may never see much light of the day, whereas 802.11ax could become the de-facto WiFi standard alongside BLE and ZigBee for home, enterprise and other indoor IoT applications.

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@evankirstel: “For #IoT over #WiFi, 802.11ax is the New HaLow #wireless #networks” open tweet »

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