Hackers could be about to take down the entire internet #CyberSecurity #infosec #IoT
  • Hackers have compromised the security of more than a million internet-connected devices and transformed them into a massive botnet that could take down the internet, researchers have warned.
  • Security researchers at the cybersecurity firm Check Point published details of the new botnet, warning that it continues to recruit devices at a “far greater pace” than the dangerous Mirai botnet that was used in devastating cyberattacks last year.
  • Botnets make use of security vulnerabilities in web-connected devices such as smart fridges, thermostats and webcams in order to perform distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks (overloading targets with web traffic) against companies, organisations or critical infrastructure.
  • Research from the security firm BullGuard published last year estimated that up to 185 million devices may be vulnerable to hackers seeking to incorporate them into a botnet.
  • Check Point says it is vital that organizations make proper preparations and implement defense mechanisms in order to prevent attacks on their devices.

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