How #IoT is impacting mobile app development on @networkworld
  • Innovators of all stripes have tapped into the Internet of Things (IoT) as they develop the best products and services of the 21st century, but few have made as much use of the IoT as today’s mobile app developers have.
  • By exploiting the ubiquity of today’s IoT, mobile app developers are finding hordes of new customers by the day, and show little signs of slowing down their industry’s growth.
  • Mobile users love to spend countless hours and dollars on their mobile apps in large part because of how easy and fulfilling they are to use, which is mostly thanks to the seamless connectivity offered by the IoT and today’s networks.
  • Here, mobile app developers have stepped in to ensure consumer’s identities are protected and their data encrypted, meaning the IoT isn’t only freely available, but also secure enough to be trusted and used by the masses.
  • Few things revolutionized mobile app development more than the spread of devices fostered by the IoT’s creation and proliferation.

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