• IBM Watson Group opened a $200 million Internet of Things (IoT) headquarters today in Munich, Germany, what the company is calling its biggest investment in Europe in more than two decades.
  • There more than 1,000 IBM engineers and designers will work with IBM clients and partners in what IBM Watson general manager Harriet Green called a “collaboratory.”
  • We think it is a turning point because at IBM we have always believed that there is only one way to fill the potential of this truly transformational technology, and that is together,” Green said today at Genius of Things Summit, a gathering of press, the IoT team, and more than 400 business partners.
  • As part of the opening of the new facility, several partnerships and business deals were announced, including: Some clients will be a permanent fixture at IBM offices in Munich.
  • IBM Watson paid for travel to report on the coverage of the opening of the Internet of Things headquarters in Munich.

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@IBM: “Announcing major #IoT ecosystem drive w/ partner collocations at new #WatsonIoT HQ in Munich, Germany.” open tweet »

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