Industrial IoT revolution with @Raspberry_Pi compute module 3 #IIoT #RPi3
  • This means that it now becomes a real solution for anybody wanting to build industrial products and run their own app store on top.
  • Ubuntu Core can support the Raspberry Pi 3, so you are able to create your own app enabled products and run your own app store in 2017.
  • The Revolution Pi is a set of industrial PLC type of devices that use the compute module on the inside.
  • Now with a powerful Compute Module 3 and Ubuntu Core, nothing will stop the innovators of using apps/snaps to control and manage industrial machinery.
  • The mobile app store market is saturated but now the counter is put back to zero and we can have app stores for lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, elevators, pumps, air conditioning, vending machines, heating and any type of industrial machinery.

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@ubuntu: “Industrial IoT revolution with @Raspberry_Pi compute module 3 #IIoT #RPi3” open tweet »

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