Internet Of Things: Where is all the data going? | #DigitalTransformation #IoT #RT
  • In fact, IoT is moving so fast, we’re actually on the third wave , according to a panel of experts who weighed in on the topic during a recent episode of Internet of Things with Game-Changers, presented by SAP.
  • However, a nagging question arises when it comes to this third IoT wave: What’s going to happen to all the data that’s being collected?
  • Gray Scott, futurist and founder/CEO of believes questions remain around IoT data collection because technology is moving faster than we can cope with.
  • Gray Scott believes synthesizing different data sources “is a continuum of everything,” a great example being traffic in urban areas.
  • “It’s a physical thing that can grab a hold of data and literally rearrange our lives by changing the direction you take your car in,” said Scott.

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