Understanding The Differences between #IoT & #IIoT 
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  • An important precondition for recognizing if a certain ecosystem as a true IoT or just a direct device-to-device communication is, that the response process utilizes cloud based information and a computerized service.
  • The integration of the cloud based process for IoT ecosystem is straight forward, because the entity requesting the service is connected to the internet and the instruments or devices providing the information are linked to the Internet as well.
  • When dealing with IIoT, the entity requesting the service may be an OT / ICS / SCADA system, but you must realize that these systems are not connected directly to the network, primarily due to cyber security related concerns.
  • Deployment of IIoT ecosystems require special consideration and careful collaborative process between the IT and OT sections in the organization.
  • is a consultant and lecturer acting at Secure Communications and Control Experts, and periodically teaching in colleges and industry conferences on integration of cyber defense with industrial control systems; Daniel has over 25 years’ engineering experience with ICS and OT systems for: electricity, water, gas and power plants as part of his activities at Tadiran, Motorola, Siemens and Waterfall Security.

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