MQTT With lwIP and the NXP FRDM-K64F  #IoT #Cloud #BigData
  • For example, to Adafruit.IO: In this article, I show the basic steps to get MQTT running on the NXP FRDM-K64F board using MCUXpresso, lwIP, and MQTT.
  • Having a local broker is great for starting an MQTT project, as you can easily debug it and get things up and running with a local broker, and then you can switch to a broker/provider on the Internet.
  • I am using the MQTT.fx which has a nice GUI to monitor the broker status: To use MQTT.fx with, see started my MQTT project from one of the lwIP example projects that come with the MCUXpresso SDK: And then I used the bare metal ‘ping’ example as the base: The example project used in this article is on GitHub.
  • From the ‘sources’ folder of that project, you need: The following code is a standard (bare metal) lwIP initialization: The MQTT application logic is implemented in the DoMQTT() function.
  • The following code shows how to connect with lwIP to the MQTT broker, adopted from the lwIP 2.0.2 code.

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