• My Search for Meaningful Industrial IoT KnowledgeAs we product managers, technologists and business development professionals are looking for ways to customize solutions, products and business models for the Industrial Internet of Things, we are increasingly hungry for quality information.
  • Thus, I am reading every book, white paper, article, product release, podcast and YouTube video on the subject that span the technology stack looking to glean insights about where the value chain is and the gaps that present opportunity.To further my understanding last year I decided to pursue a Master’s of Data Science to truly bridge between business needs and what the data science can provide.
  • It has been a great journey and I feel I am in the center of exponential technologies and changes and able to grip the nodes of what’s possible while being customer obsessed and changing the way how value is delivered in an “industrial SaaS” model with domain-rich information to solve issues.
  • I feel we are close to cracking the code, and my journey for valuable information lead me to a book by Dr. Timothy Chou entitled, Precision: Principles, Practices and Solutions for the Internet of Things.
  • Precision is a great book to explain the technology at enough depth to provide credibility but keep business readers engaged and then leads to examples.

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