Meet POKITTO, a DIY gaming + IoT device based on an ARM Cortex-M0+:
  • Pokitto Heads to KickstarterWith computing power becoming ever smaller and less expensive, the possibilities for small IoT and computing devices are becoming more and more accessible.
  • Throwing its hat into the ring is the Pokitto.This DIY gaming and IoT device resembles a small Game Boy, and uses an NXP ARM Cortex-M0+ core for processing.
  • Additionally, it has a GPIO connector on the top as well as a 600 mAh battery, potentially making it a powerful and portable IoT tool.The Pokitto connects to a tablet or computer for programming, and uses online programming tools, so no software installation is needed on the host computer.
  • Libraries are available for graphics, music, physics, and gaming, and applications can be simulated on a PC before loading onto the gadget.If, however, you do manage to make a mistake, the Pokitto can be restored to a working status using its built-in ROM, so there is nothing to fear.Want to see it for yourself, or perhaps even try it out?
  • The Pokitto team will be at the Maker Faire Bay Area this May, so be sure to say “hello!”

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