RFID Ready to Take Center Stage via @barcodingblog  #RFID #IoT #IIoT #InternetOfThings
  • RFID gives retailers the ability to track merchandise as it makes its way from the warehouse through the retail supply chain to the store floor.
  • At Macy’s, RFID has progressed beyond the project stage to become a standard part of the way they conduct business.
  • He identified a reduction in out-of-stocks and an increase in item availability as two ways in which the better inventory accuracy brought about by RFID has helped them.
  • According to Melanie Nuce of GS1 US1, Macy’s sales volume increased by more than 200 percent after they expanded RFID to their fashion departments.
  • The RFID Lab at Auburn University says that the technology can improve inventory accuracy significantly, bringing it from an average of 63 percent to 95 percent.

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