San Francisco launches third smart-city-focused startup class 

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  • San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation has launched its third Startup in Residence (STIR) program, aimed at creating solutions to civil challenges.Over 16 weeks, startups and the government work together to build technology programs that address a range of challenges.
  • This year, startups can apply for 20 challenges, which include safe and clean Streets, good governance, civil engagement, economic development, and financial empowerment.See Also: San Francisco proves that city-startup collaboration can work“We want to create solutions in government with our partners to make innovation work for the public good,” said Mayor Edwin M. Lee.
  • “The Startup in Residence program brings us expert volunteers who will help [San Francisco and surrounding cities] address critical civic challenges with cutting-edge ideas.”
  • “We need teams in government that create products and services like a startup: scrappy, hungry, lean, and full of world-changing ideas,” said Jay Nath, Chief Innovation Officer.Streamlining the procurement processAfter the second cohort of STIR graduated last September, Nath said one of the main benefits is the on-going focus on how to reformat the municipal procurement process to match the investment needs of startups.
  • “One of STIR’s early successes comes from how the program is structured, it serves as an on-ramp for government departments and startups to start working together,” said Nath.

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