• The administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency, historically, has had some measure of government-funded personal security detail.
  • While the draft budget for the EPA obtained by the Washington Post this month shows massive cuts to environment, health, and climate change programs — including the elimination of a program to prevent childhood exposure to lead paint — it also includes a request to hire 10 additional security guards to create an around-the-clock personal security detail for Pruitt, the New York Times reports.
  • The Times calls it a first for an EPA chief, and notes that the 10 additional agents would more than double the agency’s current security staff, which has hovered between six and eight agents in recent years.
  • EPA staff have reportedly been anticipating the security bulk-up for some time.
  • In an email obtained by E&ENews, EPA’s criminal enforcement office chief emailed staff shortly before Pruitt’s mid-February confirmation to warn them of the change: “Based on conversations with the transition team, we anticipate that Mr. Pruitt will initially request a 24/7 detail.”

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@K8brannen: “.@EPA chief Scott Pruitt wants 10 additional security guards to protect him “from his own employees & ‘the left.’”” open tweet »

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