The Parrot Sequoia API Is Nice and Simple for IoT  #IoT #Cloud #BigData
  • Not all of the APIs are for drones, but I thought they were clean and simple examples of what IoT APIs can look like.
  • The API for the Parrot Sequoia camera can be controlled over USB and Wi-Fi, allowing you to change settings, calibrate the sensors, trigger image capture, and manage memory and files.
  • Here are the paths for the device: I like the simple use of API design to express what is possible with an IoT device and that a small, handheld, deployable camera and sensor can be defined in this way.
  • When I come across simple approaches to IoT devices using web APIs I try to write about them, adding them to my research when it comes to IoT APIs.
  • I need as many examples of how APIs can be in the cloud, or even on a device like the Parrot Sequoia API.

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