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  • +ALSO ON NETWORK WORLD: Experts: The future of IoT will be fascinating and also potentially catastrophic + Top 5 Reasons IoT projects fail Big Idea: The plan, which is evident from the extensive and wide-ranging list of official project members, is to create an overarching standard for all areas of automotive IoT — everything from telematics to instrumentation to self-driving cars to streaming Netflix for the kids in the back seat.
  • Key Members: Big names like AMD, Dell/EMC and VMware, operating systems players like Canonical and Linaro, and a host of smaller companies, many of which are related to the cloud in some way.
  • Big Idea: There are lots of projects and even companies floating around the technology industry with “foundry” in their names, possibly because it sounds industrious and hardworking.
  • Big Idea: Tizen started life as Samsung’s bargaining chip during its sometimes-tense relationship with Google Android on the way to the top of the global smartphone marketplace — Tizen was, ostensibly, a replacement operating system the company could turn to if it decided it didn’t like working with Android anymore.
  • Key Members: In addition to ubiquitous open-source names like Intel, AMD and Linaro, companies like Juniper Networks, Dell and even Comcast are participants in the Yocto Project.

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