Turn your smartphone into an IoT device | #IoT #IBM #RT
  • Create Bluemix apps to process, visualize, and store sensor data that is sent to and from your smartphone This tutorial shows how you can send sensor data that is generated by your smartphone to the IBM Watson IoT Platform cloud-hosted service, and then create Bluemix™ applications that process, visualize, and store the data.
  • The following video demonstrates these tutorial steps, but it uses the older versions of the services that use previous names (IBM Watson IoT Platform was previously IBM Internet of Things Foundation).
  • You will use the IoT Starter for Android app to read and send sensor data on your smartphone.
  • In this section, you will enhance your Bluemix IoT app by using a Node-RED flow to process messages from your smartphone, and then send messages back to your smartphone.
  • In this step, you create an additional app on Bluemix, which receives the messages from your smartphone (now an IoT device) and visualizes the data.

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