WannaCry Aftermath: Is #IoT Ransomware in Our Future?  with @ptrancyber of @RSAsecurity
  • If threat actors could cause so much chaos by primarily targeting personal computers, imagine the chaos they could cause by targeting IoT environments.
  • While it’s not clear what the attackers’ incentives were, it is possible that WannaCry is part of a “massive reconnaissance effort to see what infrastructures globally are up to par,” Tran says.
  • There is a precedent for attacks like WannaCry, on a smaller scale, that were exceptionally good at winning press attention but less efficient at generating money for the hackers and prompting people to patch their computers.
  • The real worry with WannaCry is that it potentially gives threat actors the means to build a stronger attack infrastructure.
  • IoT ransomware, thanks to the vast and growing attack surface of the Internet of Things, is leading to an uptick in cyber intelligence from threat actors preparing for the next generation of attacks.

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