How Lego became the coolest high tech thing at SXSW 

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  • But not just any legos, we challenged attendees to stop by our booth and help build a smart city out of legos.
  • Signage, stealing Legos from some of our children, holding a company-wide Lego night to practice building certain pieces, creating a promo video and figuring out how to ship all these little pieces.StratIS is smart access, energy, and automation for multifamily buildings and campus communities and the smart start for smart cities.Our team is dedicated to putting in the hard and real work for building the infrastructure needed for smart cities around the globe to thrive.
  • People started taking photos of themselves at the show adding a piece to our Lego Smart City.
  • The Lego Smart City attracted media attention, nonstop booth traffic, CTOs of Fortune 500 companies and SXSW attendees who just stopped to play.The construction of the Lego city changed over the four-day event.
  • Here is what it looked like at the end:VIDEOIt was a great opportunity for our team to meet with city planners from all over the world and to continue the discussion with them about what their smart city needs are back home.

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