IoT & Robotics #4

IoT products, reads and videos that excited us

How fog computing pushes IoT intelligence to the edge — Ben Dickson, techcrunch
Chris Dickson predicts what the world will look like in 10 years, when roads are full of self-driving cars — Alyson Shontell, techinsider
Clever AI turns a world of lasers into maps for self-driving ars — Alex Davies, wired
The future is a smarter world of dumber devices — Tom Goodwin, techcrunch
For tomorrow’s cities, IoT is the name of the game — Mary Goldspink, readwrite
Your first step to becoming a Cyborg: getting this pierced in you — Nadja Sayej, motherboard
Blockchain design is evolving to power the new ‘economy of things’ — Ian Allison, IBTimes
Battery-free wearable patch can help monitor health — Charles Q. Choi,

New “Neural Dust” sensor could be implanted in the body

Tesla Gigafactory Tour

More on Robotics

The future of ‘Made in China’: industrial robots replacing dwindling workforce — Saša Petricic, CBC News
The future of robotic surgery: snake-like bots that glide into orifices — Eliza Strickland,
11 police robots patrolling around the world — April Glaser, wired
Transistors will stop shrinking in 2021, Moore’s law roadmap predicts — Rachel Courtland,
MIT and DARPA pack lidar sensor onto single chip — Christopher V. Poulton and Michael R. Watts,

Self-Propelled Instrument for Airship Damage Evaluation and Repair

Wall-climbing mini robots build “entirely new structures” from carbon fibre