Small Box: Using IOT for energy efficiency

Energy efficiency can be enhanced with the help of IoT devices and smart monitoring platforms that allows your business to automatically evolve and react to the changes needed. Small Box energy aims to remove your concerns on efficiency, saving you money and in turn helping the environmet. Chameleon™ is an energy management platform under the Small Box umbrella. It allows monitoring and control of critical systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration equipment. For restaurant and food market owners this feature is not only an energy saver but it also ensures the food is refrigerated at the required temperature meeting sanitary requirements. The platform can be configured to alert when a value, for example temperature, goes above or below a set threshold; notifications include text message, e-mail and mobile app. Light control also comes intro play. With Small Box you can set different zones each controlled independently. Automation can be set depending on weather conditions and time of the day.

Monitoring your equipment for correct functioning can also be achieved, preventative maintenance can save you downtime and overall operational cost. Cloud-based EMS enables you to have access to your systems 24/7 at a low cost without having to worry about added hardware cost. With remote access you can adjust the settings on any of your systems in real time.

You can learn more about Small Box their product and services a

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