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Epic games lost the fight against Apple and as a result Fortnite will no longer be updated on iPhones, iPads and Macs. Who cares, it’s just a game?!

Well, yes, but… Before Fortnite our Friday family time mostly consisted of watching series or movies and snacking. Then Fortnite became a thing, and one by one the four of us started playing on our iOS devices. This actually meant we were playing together on the couch as a team. Kicking butt, calling names as the Helyes-Suhajda squad.

Image: Neuralink

Having stayed up late at night just to watch the Neuralink Progress Update live, I spent next morning’s swimming session pondering what I would want to use this brain implant for. Obviously, we are decades away from decoding the brain to pull off something as advanced as the conceptual and consensual telepathy, so I want to focus on what might be achievable now if the tech were mature enough. How could a Neuralink improve my life today?


HUD ‣ A built in heads-up display overlaying usefull information onto the real world without having to hold the phone infront of my…

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I’m currently attending an event at LTH called “AI Lund fika-till-fika workshop om AI i offentlig sektor”, and a returning theme is a trust in AI or the AI black box. This refers to the problem that it is difficult to know how a trained AI model came to a certain conclusion. And this much is true.

But compared to what? Is the human decision process any clearer? Anyone curious about the inner workings of the human mind can tell you, we are pretty much a black box ourselves. Our decisions come from the black boxes of our minds, and…

They say technology will never be as lame as it is today, yet I must admit the Oculus Quest just blew my mind as it gave a hint of VR’s potential to transform our experiences. This rather light-weight, fully wireless, setup-less device providing a full 6 degrees of freedom and interactive experiences is a giant leap towards making the worlds of dreams feel real. Come 2020, Facebook even plans to make the hand controller unnecessary, relying purely on hand tracking, potentially making interactions more natural. Although I’m curious how they will provide the haptic feedback lacking any controllers. In…

photo by me

I’ve been excited to get hands-on with Google’s game streaming service, Stadia because I believe this is the future of gaming and actually just about any streamable experience. It makes perfect sense to not have to own cutting edge rendering hardware in need of regular upgrades and only used a small fraction of the time when we can just own personal screens and send the content to them. It is definitely far more resource-efficient to share access to such high-end gear among many users. The big question is if our network infrastructure can handle the kind of latency required for…

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As a self-appointed life-extension advocate and practitioner, I feel rather limited not being about turn to my doctor with questions about life extension, healthspan improvement and feel frustrated being told such-and-such biomarker is good “for my age”. Until our current sick-care system shifts focus towards healthcare based on continuous monitoring, prevention, and personalized care, we are left to navigate the rapid development in the field anti-aging ourselves. This has motivated me to start listening to “The Skeptic’s Guide to Health, Medicine, and the Media” by Dr. …

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We’ve recently returned from our second expat pilgrimage by electric car, meaning that instead of flying home to Budapest, we drove our Nissan Leaf 40kWh 3000 km across Europe. The first time we drove in mid-winter and in a brand new, unfamiliar car, so despite all intentions, I did not manage to collect all the necessary data to evaluate the impact of our journey. We were more focused on trying to make it. This time, the season was more suitable, and the car and I well acquainted, so here is what we found: We reduced our CO₂ emissions by about…

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Quick disclaimer: I’m no professional runner, and have no intention become one either. I simply run as part of a healthy lifestyle in an effort to extend longevity, and so I may not be the target group for Racefox.

I’ve been looking for a useful service to use my friskvårdsbidrag on ever since I started working at Additude. Disappointingly, for a healthspan maximizer like myself, DNA tests, voluntary blood tests, and services that make recommendations based on the results are not covered by friskvårdsbidrag. …

src: pixabay

As in, why not train autonomous vehicle AIs without human data as DeepMind did with AlphaGo Zero / AlphaStar? With a simulation advanced enough, why not let it gain a hundred lifetime’s worth of driving experience just by providing the rules and self-play.

I would imagine such an AI would be much better equipped to handle extreme situations. With a well-defined reward system, it could figure out how to accelerate and decelerate comfortably for the passengers, but could also learn to “understand” physics of crumple zones to greatly increase the odds of survival in collisions. …

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lifelong learner | holistic reducetarian | life extension advocate | future space colonist

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