AI/ML groups and events in Lund & Malmö

I’ve recently received the question several times where someone can learn about AI and, or be part of an AI focussed community, so I decided to write a quick list of what I’m aware of. Please contribute!


AIML @ Lund University
“The network for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Lund University (AIML@LU) is a faculty wide platform for research, education and innovation in the area.”

This network has had one workshop thus far giving an overview of what activities there are within research, teaching and innovation within the area of AI and ML at the different departments of Lund University.

Barrel AI 
“Öresund community hub of AI (Artificial Intelligence) enthusiasts urging to advance in the field of ML (Machine Learning). Our mission is to increase awareness of AI/ML development within and outside our steadily increasing network of members, companies and organisations with interests within this area. We arrange events and workshops for all who want to learn, share and apply AI/ML capabilities.”

A good variety of events including some related topics, such as blockchain.

Critical Tech
“The contemporary world is shaped by Data and information systems, however our mindset and culture is yet to catch up with the enormous effect it has on the way we live our life and the way we do business. Thanks to the international effort of data experts, now there is a globalmomentum around impact of Data on our society. At critical tech meetup we gather together to exchange knowledge, run lectures and workshops and educate ourselves and each other on various data related subjects. Our aim is to shed some lights on the importance of a responsible and ethical data-driven society, and to practice a literate and critical voice, which can positively influence the currentengine of change.”

Not a strictly AI focussed group, but as AI and data tend to go hand in hand, the topic is discussed quite regularly.

Hands On Data Science
“Hands-on Data Science is a collaborative community in which its members regularly meetup and actively work together on real datasets from companies. The process provides opportunities for members to engage, share knowledge, and learn directly from peers. The forum is open for everybody who is interested in data science regardless of expertise level.”

At the time of writing they haven’t had any meetups yet.

Lund AI Initiative
“What is artificial intelligence? Is it the end of humanity, or nothing more than a tool for self-driving vehicles? Regardless, it is a growing phenomenon that will change our relationship to technology. Lund AI Initiative is an organisation that wants to deal with this change. Through our events, we spread knowledge about what AI is (and also, what it is not). We discuss the ethical, legal, economic and social questions we are forced to ask ourselves as our technology grows more intelligent. Join us in raising awareness of the risks and possibilities that the future might hold!”

No personal experience to report of yet.

Malmö AI
“We’re a group for AI/Machine Learning/NLP enthusiasts. We help both newcomers to the space get up to speed quickly, but also focus on technically deep topics & workshops. 
There’s a strong focus on how to apply AI in business and startups and make a genuine impact in people’s lives.”

I would like to highlight their AI breakfast events at the Ground.

Mindified Meetup
This is a group for people interested in the field of AI. We will have a series of seminars touching on the topic from different angels.”

No personal experience to report of yet.


There are plenty of lists with on-line courses, so here I would just like to gather on-site courses in this region.

Computer Science Retreat
“Intensive courses in applied computer science.”

Hands on courses for anyone who can program held in Malmö or Las Palmas!

I hope I haven’t left out anything, but in case I did, please let me know and all feedback is welcome!