From “Facebook saved” to learning

I don’t know about you, but ever since Facebook introduced saving links, articles for later reading, I’ve been continuously saving things. Previously I’ve optimized my newsfeed to be focussed on close friends, interesting strangers and science heavy news outlets. This later provides a continuous flow of excitement from the world of scientific discoveries, technological advancements, thus my newfeeds is full of topics I would like to explore on different levels, that match my experiences and interests.

What I miss is a way to navigate these articles. Not by date, but by topic, by relevance, by depth, by similarity or by the opposing view it presents. I would like to navigate my saved links as a sort of knowledge tree. I would like to explore a topic of interest from a saved article to related articles. I would like to explore different depth of the same topic. Say the article was way above my head, but the topic is intriguing, suggest me one closer to my level. I would like to go beyond the hype of a hot topic, to learn, to build understanding from the grounds up.

I expect there to be plenty of data available from these saved links to pull this off, but sadly there seems to be no Facebook api. Naturally I could move my news out of my newsfeed, but I’d prefer Facebook helped in creating a personalised learning tool instead.