#FreeFortnite screenshot

Epic games lost the fight against Apple and as a result Fortnite will no longer be updated on iPhones, iPads and Macs. Who cares, it’s just a game?!

Well, yes, but… Before Fortnite our Friday family time mostly consisted of watching series or movies and snacking. Then Fortnite became a thing, and one by one the four of us started playing on our iOS devices. This actually meant we were playing together on the couch as a team. Kicking butt, calling names as the Helyes-Suhajda squad.

There was something in it for everyone. The kids enjoyed the action and goofed around, while the parents enjoyed the challenges and trying to outsmart other players. And we all enjoyed scoring new outfits and gear, and putting together our own style. Oh, and our victory dances when we won the Battle Royale. 😊

Then Epic Games decided to #FreeFortnite. Don’t get me wrong, I do think Apple’s 30% cut is too much in today’s world. Sure, it was a massive saving for developers compared to physical software stores way back when it was introduced, but the price of digital services in constantly going down (or they offer more), so Apple should have long revisited their pricing.

What Epic forgot to ask themselves though, is whether iOS players are willing to loose this game altogether just to help make a point, and maybe shave off 30% from their V-Bucks purchases. Now the game is no longer updatable and while everyone else is playing new challenges is season 4 wearing shiny new Marvel outfits, we are locked in season 3 with nothing to do. Despite the district court ruling on the side of Apple, it seems Epic is still not accepting defeat and removing their direct purchase option to be allowed back into the App Store. Frankly, I feel Epic simply threw us all under the battle bus with this move. We lost our favorite co-op on-line game and gained nothing!

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