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On “The Future of Education”

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I’m currently reading, or rather listening to “The Future is Faster than You Think” by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, and I’m really enjoying this kind of speculation and extrapolation of advanced technologies and their impact.

AI obviously plays a major role in this future we are fast approaching and the authors do a good job trying to imagine all the ways it will transform our lives. For example in the chapter “The Future of Shopping”, they portray a world where AI knows us better than we know ourselves and orders goods based on recent research and personal preferences. Case in point, it orders toothpaste based on our likes and latest medical research delivered just in time when the last tube is about to run out. And quite frankly who would object to this? Who would not want to remove the modern-day burned of choice overload?

Where I feel the book falls short is the chapter on “The Future of Education”. They talk about personalized learning strengthened by immersion in VR/AR. The chapter ends by asking the question “What would you like to learn today?”. Never mind what I would like, what should I start learning today considering my strengths to be ready for the demand of tomorrow?

An AI that knows me better than anyone, knows what excites and what bores me, what I’m curious about and what leaves me cold, should thus be well equipped to guide my education and keep me relevant in society. With insight into my personality and foresight into future workforce demands, it should start by creating an interest towards learning a skill. Say molecular machine programming will soon be in high demand, then it could recommend movies where the hero saves the day with such tools. It could curate clips, books, articles, news snippets that put the seed into my head, priming my mind to want to find out more and to want to learn. When it detects this growing interest, it could create a learning path from my existing skillset to the one required to get the job done, applying personalized and immersive learning methods to bring me up to speed in no time. Hence, by the time my current skills become obsolete, I have already prepared for what’s to come and feel as though it was my idea to begin with. Best of all, it will assist in providing a capable workforce as technology rapidly advances leaving no one behind feeling lost and unwanted. A win-win-win.😊

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