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Reasons I’d want a Neuralink implant

Having stayed up late at night just to watch the Neuralink Progress Update live, I spent next morning’s swimming session pondering what I would want to use this brain implant for. Obviously, we are decades away from decoding the brain to pull off something as advanced as the conceptual and consensual telepathy, so I want to focus on what might be achievable now if the tech were mature enough. How could a Neuralink improve my life today?


HUD ‣ A built in heads-up display overlaying usefull information onto the real world without having to hold the phone infront of my face. Essentially smartglasses, but built in.


Sound focus ‣ Using an additional implant for gaze tracking and an AI for sound separation and localization a system could be created where the sound of the object, person we are looking at would be amplified and surrounding sounds suppressed.

New senses

Spacial awareness ‣ Combined with some wearable sensors and we could feed a small part of our skin’s tactile sensor generated signals corresponding to object moving in our proximity. Imagine feeling on the back of your neck when someone is moving behind you and being able to tell if they are nearing or just passing.

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lifelong learner | holistic reducetarian | life extension advocate | future space colonist

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