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Quick disclaimer: I’m no professional runner, and have no intention become one either. I simply run as part of a healthy lifestyle in an effort to extend longevity, and so I may not be the target group for Racefox.

I’ve been looking for a useful service to use my friskvårdsbidrag on ever since I started working at Additude. Disappointingly, for a healthspan maximizer like myself, DNA tests, voluntary blood tests, and services that make recommendations based on the results are not covered by friskvårdsbidrag. I sincerely hope Skatteverket will change their attitude towards such services because preventative and personalized healthcare is the only way forward if society is to cope with an aging population.

But let’s return to Racefox. I have long been enthusiastic about the use of AI in coaching in different aspects of our lives, so when I read about Racefox I quickly contacted them about the friskvårdsbidrag, and was delighted to hear back that the service costs are fully deductible for the user.

I’ve previously been running on and off, attending an occasional event, but I mostly looked forward to listening to something interesting rather than focussed on the activity itself. With this new tool in the loop, I now have some metrics to look at, that can assist in improving my technique and help maintain good form, avoiding pain and injury. As a “recreational” runner, I have little insight into what my KPIs should be, but thanks to Racefox I can see where I fall short compared to similar runners.

I like the thought of having my little AI coach sit on my shoulder nudging me, giving me tips. During my one and only training session this mainly consisted of instructions to start and stop intervals and patting me on the back for keeping my exercise consistent, but will hopefully include directions for improvement as the training progresses. All-in-all, I am happy to have my little race 🦊 AI join me on my runs and help me get better.

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