Recording episode 2 with Niclas Nilsson

Spreading rational optimism through our podcast

Those of you who have been my friend on Facebook surely know, how I regularly post articles and videos about science and tech advancements, trying to highlight the potential positive impact on our future. Far too many people don’t see the advancements, and fear some doomed future, and so it has increasingly become a mission of mine to help spread knowledge, to highlight human progress, and to spread rational optimism.

When my friend, Patric Lanhed, one day asked if I would like to do a podcast with him, it felt like the perfect opportunity to take my mission to the next level. And thus, Way Ahead podcast was born!

We are, of course, complete noobs in many ways, so we try to keep the conversation casual. Hopefully this doesn’t hinder us from achieving our mission, so you all look forward to creating an amazing future.

Taking of the future, we plan to release a new episode every other month, and have a list of ideas and topics we would like to touch upon. That said, we would love to hear from you! Tell us what you are interested in, people we should chat with.

We are also looking for talented people who share our passion, and could help us improve the podcast, most importantly a copy writer and an audio editor. Are you someone with such skills, or know someone, who wants to spread rational optimism, do get in touch: