What is a plank worth?

I have already spent considerable time cleaning, scraping, repainting pieces of an old wooden fence, so we can reuse them. I spend roughly half an hour on a single plank. I could purchase 10s of pieces for half an hour of work at my last full-time employment. Is it then worth all the effort?

From a purely financial perspective, of course it isn’t. We live in a system that puts the value of a tree in the forest at zero, and only assign real value to it once it is felled. A fish isn’t worth anything in the sea. Only in the net does it suddenly become valuable to us.

Have these planks lost their usefulness, when they become replaced? Should they just be dropped off at the recycling center to be shredded, and then burned to produce heat and electricity? It’s hard to decide.

What about my time? Is this the best way I can spend my time? Should I not be searching for my mission? Contribute to a better future? Learning something useful? Relaxing with my family?

What’s sure is that we are a step closer to enjoying a prettier, more welcoming fence around our garden, and that I did enjoy a little time to reflect…