RESOLVED: Nodejitsu is charging users a year after service ceased!

I guess it’s a good idea to occasionally look through that credit card statement, because it’s how I came to realize, that even though Nodejitsu shut down their nodejs hosting service well over a year ago, I’m still paying 30 USD a month for it! Still waiting for my transaction history from the bank to see exactly how many months it has been.

Back in April 2016!

The statement clearly says it’s Nodejitsu, and the number 6318060396 also clearly points to founder Charlie Robbins’ phone number.

Still charged after their service ceased in April 2016 (latest)

My bank says they can’t block the payment from their end. The user account login doesn’t work on Nodejitsu’s site, so I cannot close the account. Emails get no response. The founder (who now works at GoDaddy) doesn’t respond on social media. A little search also showed that I’m not the only one! Others paying for nothing have also tried to get in touch unsuccessfully.

So this here is my desperate attempt to get their attention to a) stop charging us and b) return the months of unjustified charges! Just in my case that’s around 360 USD. I kindly ask you to forward this to help spread the word and hopefully find someone who can figure out what’s going on. Now I don’t assume they are purposely ripping people off, but there is an issue here and it needs to be solved. And if you used to be a client of Nodejitsu around the time of their shutdown (December 2015?), I recommend you check your credit card transactions too!

UPDATE 2017–06–01

I have received a response from both GoDaddy and Nodejitsu founder Charlie.

The 6 months of charges mentioned in the mail have appeared on my account. While that may not cover all my losses, I will consider the case closed, and the lesson learnt to pay closer attention to terminated services.

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