Can Electronics Industry ever stop innovating?

Mobilizing the Business with better connectivity & inventions has been the Prime Focus of Electronic Industry.

India — The world’s fastest growing Startup Eco-System. 
 Driven by factors such as @MakeInIndia, massive funding & evolving technology.

Indian Startups strives to build the Ecosystem with necessary talent, education, mentors & incubators with connections to Funding agencies.

India has overpass United States of America & have become the second largest smart phone marketplace after china & we have crossed over 220 million active smart phone users.

Now if we look at the India’s Mobile phone marketplace, 60% of its consumers are penetrated towards Smart Phones & once we calculate it with the population in India, what we have is 18% of the total population using smart phones & we expect it to grow 11% more by the end of 2016. We will be able to mark upon 29% of the total volume in India.

Having said that — we will still be behind of 71% & these many people can be our targeted customers for coming years.

By the end of year 2020 — We’re expecting 6.1 billion smart phones users globally & will take over the fixed lines completely. In next 4 years, APAC Region will stand alone hold 45% of the market share & India will add- 26 million new smart phone users. In Other words, more phones than people on earth.

Samsung still holds the first place with 28.6% shipment market share.

Smart phones Industry has reached at a Mature Stage & all of the consumers are aware with the product. However, Once we put the meal on the table & happen to target at just 1% of the smart phone market share in India 2016 & hand out a product with a net profit of $10 on each sale -The net revenue will grow somewhere close to — +37 Million USD.

Let’s Make In India.